Endangerment of Yoru?ba? Individual Names: Implication on Yoru?ba? True Identity

Akintoye Oluwole Samuel, Ojo George Adekunle


Name plays an important role in Yoru?ba? society. Yoru?ba? does not bear names without considering some factors because of its future consequences. Although, name is for identification, it also serves as a source of honour and pride, especially for those who are born from heroic and warrior families. People love identifying with such names by bearing the names of the heroes or warriors. These names have been reduced to surnames today. Other names are praise namely A?mo??ke??, A?ri?npe?, A?mo??o?, Ala?ni?, A?ka?nke??, and A?be??ke??. These names are regarded as archaic today and nobody reckon with them anymore. It is dismal that these names and many others that are associated with deities are gradually going into extinction owing to modern religions. This forms the discussion of this paper. The purpose of the paper is to call the attention of Yoru?ba? scholars to the fact that not only Yoru?ba? language is going into extinction, Yoru?ba? original names also do. The data collection for the paper is drawn from texts and journals on Yoru?ba? names. An interviewed was conducted among the youths and the informants who are between 70 and 75 years old from Ado?- E?ki?ti? were consulted. They are selected because aged people value names unlike the youths who bear names without minding the implication. The JAMB admission broad sheet students seeking admission into E?ki?ti? State University, Ado?- E?ki?ti?, Nigeria and the Faculties final admission lists sent to the Faculty of Arts were consulted. The data cover three sessions; 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19. This is possible because the researcher is in-charge of admission process in his Department. The paper adopts descriptive approach for the data analysis.


name; corrupt; implication; religion

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.24071/joll.v20i1.2378


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