Re-Imagining Theology, Religion, Culture, and Humanities for Public Life 28-29 March, 2023 - Online Zoom, Start at 16:00 Western Indonesian Time (GMT +7)

Conference Focus

The dynamics of traditional religion in the public sphere no longer appear black and white, but rather as a richly colored reality that invites further interpretation. In the western hemisphere, various sociological studies show convincing predictions about the decline in affiliation with traditional religions, particularly among young people. Religion is no longer “the sacred canopy” and the final reference for interpreting human life’s struggles. However, in some other parts of the world (particularly Asia) religion appears to be very dominant, if not to say it is intrusive. Religion remains the main reference when people talk about res publica. When religion is still valued as the dominant reference, the challenge is to figure out how religion can avoid falling into internal debates about focusing on individual yet personal piety. The richness of religious traditions should be reinterpreted so that religion is able to make a positive contribution to the growth of collective determination to answer pressing public issues, such as the environmental crisis, conflict and migration, the dominance of economic sphere on the dynamics of politics and communal life, corruption, the widespread demand to recognize personal rights that have not been recognized in traditional societies. This international conference focuses on interdisciplinary reinterpretation of traditions - both religious traditions and religious traditions in encounter with local traditions - so that religion can emerge as a positive force for various life projects involving all people with good will.

Discipline Areas (Include but not limited to) Theology, Pastoral Theology, Moral Theology, Dogmatic Theology, Systematic Theology, Fundamental Theology, Biblical Studies, Religion Education, Religious Studies, Social Studies, Literature Studies, Humanities Studies.


2. CONTACT PERSON: Nikolas Kristiyanto Email:

3. DEADLINES: 28 February 2023: Abstract submission deadline (Guidelines: Template: 14 March 2023: Deadline for: - YouTube presentation link (Cumpolsary), - Full paper (Optional) 28-29 March 2023: Seminar Days p.s.: Every presenter has to make a presentation video (5-15 minutes) on YouTube and the link will be shared in a new link (it will be given by the committee via Group Whatsapp).

4. Payment can be made with a bank transfer to CIMB Niaga Bank Indonesian Student Attendee / Presenter: 100K IDR Indonesian General Attendee / Presenter: 200K IDR International Student Attendee / Presenter: 10 USD International General Attendee / Presenter: 20 USD Account Name : FTW / Fakultas Teologi “Wedabhakti” Account Number / SWIFT CODE : 800009656100 / BNIAIDJA

5. Languages

English and Bahasa Indonesia We hope you can join our International Conference. See you!

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