Fenty Fenty, Phebe Hendra, Rita Suhadi


Metabolic syndrome (MS) has been frequently found in the community due to lifestyle changes. The increasing prevalence of MS causes public health problems which can in-crease the risk of cardiometabolic disease. Prevention of metabolic syndrome is an im-portant issue within the community by empowering the subjects with education. The Faculty of Pharmacy had collaborated with the Nazarene Filadelfia Christian Church (GKNF) in conducting a medical examination. In this service activity, the Faculty of Pharmacy provided health education about metabolic syndrome and early detection of MS risk factors. This service activity was done in two separated events, the first and second events were carried out on June 20, 2019 and August 1, 2019 respectively. The activities comprised of 1) providing education about MS using module; 2) screening of MS risk factors including anthropometric examination: height, weight, blood pressure test, and blood tests to measure blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol levels. Provi-sion of education related to MS did not change the random blood glucose level, uric ac-id level, and systolic blood pressure, but it decreased significantly decrease diastolic blood pressure. The provision of education increased cholesterol levels significantly, though the values were still within normal limits. The subjects participated in the activi-ty of the MS prevention counseling were expected to be able to apply the obtained in-formation to their families, although this education has not reduced their risk of SM.


education; screening; metabolic syndrome.


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