Aplikasi Web Service Perbankan untuk Pembayaran Formulir Pendaftaran Mahasiswa Baru

Puspaningtyas Sanjoyo Adi


The new student registration process begins with the process of filling out  the registration form
where to get it, the prospective student pays to get the form. Sanata Dharma University cooperates with
the bank to develop an application to  pay registration form with web service technology. The advantage
of this technology is electronic  service  and can work 24 hours. Web service technology is a service that
allows communication between machines performed through a computer network with HTTP protocol
web server. The web service application was developed and implemented by Sanata Dharma University
and CIMB Niaga bank in October 2017. From the observation of January 2018 compared to January
2017, the January 2018 transaction increased by about 12% compared to January 2017. The proportion
of web service transactions is around 30% of total transactions where 80% of them are conducted
outside office hours. This data indicates that the knowledge of electronics services of prospective
students and their parents is good enough.

Keywords: web service, registration form, new students

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24071/mt.v12i2.1087


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