Operasi Motor Induksi Tiga Fasa Pada Sistem Satu Fasa

Petrus Setyo Prabowo, Second Adrian Christianto


At this time the 3-phase induction motors are needed in many areas including  small industries
and in areas  having  only 1-phase electrical system. The area requires a motor  with a large driving force
that can be operated with both normal and 1-phase  electrical system. An induction motor can work  in
either  normal  configuration  or modified configuration with  adding a series  of  capacitor motors in 3-phase induction motor. The series capacitors are used  with an auxiliary coil is placed on the side or sides
of the coil which has a larger impedance. In this study,  the performance of 3-phase induction motors  is
supported  with 1-phase electrical system coupled with the ACS758 current sensor . This coupling is  to
measure the current value of the load being used. When the ACS758 current sensor detects  the passing
current, it will display  the current value on the LCD which  facilitates  the user in the current value of the
measured reading. Induction motor can work well and normal with 1-phase electrical system using a
series of capacitor motors. Measurement with current sensor has an error less than 2%.

Keywords: 3-phase induction motor, 1-phase electrical system, LCD

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