Pelacak Matahari Dua Sumbu Menggunakan LDR untuk Meningkatkan Absorbsi Matahari

Elang Parikesit, Doddy Purwadianto, FA. Rusdi Sambada


The position of the sun in the sky  always  changes  periodically.  A  lot of research has been done
to follow the sun's motion using a solar tracking system to increase the amount of solar energy that can
be absorbed. The solar tracking system can be grouped into passive and active system. Active sun tracker
system uses motor drive in following the motion of the sun. The current active tracking system is using
one or two rotary axis. Active two-axis solar tracking system provides greater efficiency and effectiveness
than one-axis solar tracking system. This study aims to increase the absorbable sun energy with a simple
two-axis solar tracking system. This research has been  done by experimental method by making a model
of two-axis sun tracker and  its field  data retrieval. The main parts of the model in this study are (1) LDR
sensor, (2) microcontroller and  (3) motor drive.  Initial data of field test results shows  a maximum
increase (269%) in absorbable solar energy on a model using a sun tracker than models that d o not use a
solar tracking system

Keywords: tracker, sun, two-axis rotate, simple

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